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Hello and welcome to Sophia Music!

Thank You and Please check back often as the site will be updated regularly with new information about upcoming events.



(¯''•.¸** ¸.•''¯)


Opening Tender presence.

Informed by inner visions that propel the Music to be born.

Walking towards bringing pain into power and trauma into medicine.

We must beleive that we can turn it around.

Welcoming that golden thread, to face the unique trajectory of orchestrated grace.

Every day plant new seeds.

Keep companioning together the visions; with the beauty of stillness in every moment... That is waiting to be experieinced.


Sophia Fletcher. © 2021
Words from "Steps Leading To You" Album that
has recently been recorded with Australian and European musicians.



Steps Leading To You | Sophia Fletcher Music | Sophia Fletcher (






We are living in extraordinary times now. This world is undergoing massive evolutionary changes and upgrades, breakthroughs and paradigm shifts. I believe our community is helping humanity grow and expand beyond what we ever thought possible. I also truly believe that we need to support, encourage, help and hold each other to the vision within; thrive and grow to gain new heights with the wisdom shared for the transformation of a new, kinder and loving world.






Nakedly immersed in ripples of light with breezes whispering, I walk in beauty along the path; my ancestors behind me.

As the trees lose their soft leaves, and I am realigned through the melody, space moves back from view.

The truth is; I am just like you.

Our jewels are buried in darkness.

Inspired through the sunlighted forest essence and ocean shore continuum;

I create. I roam free, absolved, falling and rising.

Navigated by heart.

Honoring divine wisdom.

Buffeted by the waves of change; underneath the reflected skies azure.

Rewiring my circuitry. Deeply receiving the nameless mysteries.

Inspired and connecting with the totality and essence of a life vast; be it sacredness, or of the void.

What is true? What is illusion?

Emerge-n-cy (emerge-and-see).

Peel back the layers.

Let Love in to reset, integrate, and return ourselves to the original embrace of belonging to Nature’s true design... 

Sophia Fletcher. © 2017
Words from "Nature of Truth" Album


Nature of Truth | Sophia Fletcher Music | Sophia Fletcher (


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“Sophia’s Music is an extension of her passionate nature, conviction and open hearted approach to those around her"


Lloyd Speigel - Australian Blues Legend 



Sophia Fletcher is a passionate, soulful singer/songwriter musician whose life is inspired by Nature and her music comes straight from her heart; singing in English and other languages; Greek, Romani and Spanish; based in the beautiful Northern Rivers region; on the East Coast of Australia.


Sophia describes her music genre as; Eco Soul Folk, with a feel of Smooth Jazz, Americana and Neo Lounge.  


Having collaborated with The Climate Music Project, University of California, Berkeley and 'Play for the Planet in late 2020 as a musician; at a special event with 

Climate Week NYC...


Sir David Attenborough has promoted Sophia's music on his Social Media pages.


♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ❤ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ 


Sophia's life revolves around progressing humanitarian, animal and environmental outcomes through music.



Green Music Australia, has added Sophia's voice to a historic Music Scene Climate Change Declaration.


Thought-provoking original lyrics reflect Sophia's compassionate justice for humanity, environment and animals; taking the listener on a journey through the musical world of sorrow and shadow; balanced with freedom and joy. Sophia is a heartfelt animal, environmental, social justice and political activist/advocate for over 3 decades.


Sophia also sings covers in a very unique way, appealing to a wide audience.


Sophia says she feels her spirit is free and harmoniously alive when playing music, creating, co creating with intention, and coherance; finding it fulfilling to be an important voice and catalyst to create awareness, alignment and empowerment in this Divine life. She would like that same freedom, compassion, recognition, love, respect and courage extended to all humanity and sentient beings. 


Sophia is an active member with the Global Family of; which was established to promote and support musicians who face 'challenges' in their lives from all over the world. 


Sophia has sung and danced since a child, being greatly encouraged by her Father. Sophia is also a medical herbalist, naturopath and teacher. Travelling and living abroad for over a decade, as a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. Sophia's love of music propelled her to pick up a guitar some years ago, and she have never looked back.








'This beautiful unknowing of a life yet to live. Through echoes of your melody.
Now trusting mysteries of your gift'...




Thank You for joining us.









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 Ethical Vegan


We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of Country. We pay our respects to Elders past and present, to all First Nations Peoples, and to their lands, waters and cultures.


Sophia Music

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